Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Optimizing your website making it search engine friendly by which you can increase your search engine traffics or visitors. In other word it is process or methodologies by which you can increase your online customer by using its latest techniques.
People to find your site via a search engine, the site will require a high Search Engine Results Position (SERP). This means when they search keywords phrases like SEO techniques, they will find you site page on the first page of the search engine results. Ending up on the 10 page of the search engines results will not get you any traffic.
List of SEO Techniques :-
There are no tricks here, just a bit of work and some time. So let's get started by reading the following list of SEO Techniques!
Domain & File Names:
Choose your site domain name that contains words from your primary keyword phrase. Your domain name should also be easy to spell and easy to remember.
Keyword Phrases:
Use keywords that are being searched for. you can also look at Google AdWords Keyword Suggestions for suggestions for different keyword phrases.
Add keyword synonyms to your content.
Put the keyword phrases in the .
Insert the keyword phrases in a H1 TAGS tag at the beginning of your page. Keyword synonyms should be put in your h2 & h3 tags. The h1, h2, h3 tags are used for titles and subtitles in articles.
Keyword Density:
Keyword density is a very important part of search engine optimization. Keyword density in according to your content should be 10 to 15 % of content.
Title & Meta Description Tag:
Construction of your title tag is one of the most important things you need to do. Each page should have a different title with 2 or 3 of your keyword phrases at the beginning. When search engine results are displayed the title is the first thing people see.
Below the title is a description which will be either be taken from your meta name description content="Description phrase" or from the first sentence on at page. You description should also have 2 or 3 of your keyword phrases at the beginning as so should your first sentence. You should have a different title, description and first sentence on each page. You many also what to try shorter titles with only one keyword or keyword phrase as this will raise you keyword relevance. Also you can consider putting your domain name at the very end of the title.
Meta Keywords Tag:
The meta keywords tag is not as relevant as it used to be and some say Google doesn't ever look at it anymore, but put it in anyway. It is as follows, and put in it all your keywords and keyword phrases. This tag should be different for each page.
Author & Robots Tags:
The Author Tag should contain the name of the company that owns the site. This tag will help you get a #1 position for your company's name.
Use a generic Robots Tag on all pages that you want indexed. This instructs the robots to crawl the page. The following is the generic robots tag.
Quality Content:
Quality content will bring people back and as people always want to tell others about a good thing it will get you forward links from other sites. Your content should be written with your keyword phrases in mind
Quantity Content:
The more the better. Just remember your content will need to be both quantity and quality.
Try to Avoid Dynamic URLs:
Some search engines may have a problem indexing them. Create static pages whenever possible. Avoid symbols in your URLs like the "?" or avoid query strings “?”
Many search engines can't follow frame links. Make sure you provide an alternative method for the search engines to enter and index your site. For more information read search engine frame.
Site Map:
A good menu system is really a site map. A well constructed menu system that is on each page and contains a link to very page on the website is all you need.
Site Themes:
All of the top 3 search engines look for site themes or a common topic when they crawl a website. If your site is about one specific topic you will rank better than if you have more than one theme or topic on your site. By using similar keyword phrases in each page the search engines will detect a theme this will be to your advantage.
Robots.txt File:
While this file is not really required it should be included so that the search engine bots don't get 404 errors when they look for it. Just include the following 2 lines and drop it in the root.
User-agent: *



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